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Central Islip, Suffolk County Long Island – Car Accident

Our Long Island personal injury attorneys were able to recover a large sum of money for a Central Islip, Long Island woman who suffered a severe injury to both of her ankles in a motor vehicle accident. While most attorneys would settle for the proceeds of an insurance policy, our experienced team made a settlement for more than twice the amount of the insurance policy. The diligent efforts of our firm uncovered additional monies which were awarded to our client.

Medford, Long Island – Pedestrian Accident

We were able to recover a large sum of money for a Medford, Long Island client who suffered an emotional injury after being in a pedestrian accident. She was knocked to the ground by a slow moving car. It was difficult convincing the insurance company that the emotional injury claim was valid, but because our experienced Long Island personal injury lawyers are aggressive and thorough, we convinced the insurance company to settle for the maximum amount.

Ronkonkoma, Long Island – Motorcycle Accident

A Ronkonkoma client was severely injured in a motorcycle accident. We were able to recover a large sum of money from a homeowner´s policy which normally would not have provided coverage. However, we discovered and took advantage of a loophole in the policy. Again, our diligence and years of experience paid off handsomely for our client.

Bayshore, Long Island – Car Crash

A young Bayshore man had a head-on collision with a Suffolk County police car. He suffered extremely severe facial bone fractures. The police immediately blamed the accident on our client and arrested him for drunk driving. Not only did our firm get the drunken driving charge dismissed, but we also sued the County and won a hard fought jury trial. We spared no expense and flew in a well-known accident reconstruction expert from Massachusetts to testify on our client's behalf. With the large cash award he received, our client was able to comfortably plan for his future.

Huntington, Suffolk County, Long Island – Car Accident

Through arbitration, and again with the help of a well-qualified expert, our team was successful in recovering insurance proceeds from several drivers who contributed to the neck fracture injuries of our Huntington, Long Island client. One of the drivers strongly contested the fact that he had been negligent, but our expert's analysis of the crash details convinced the arbitrator to rule in our favor.

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