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The term "wrongful death" is the legal term used to describe deaths that are caused by another person’s negligence. It can be the result of any of the following:

  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Construction site accident
  • Defective product
  • Medical malpractice
  • Pedestrian accident

Surviving family members of the victim are entitled to be compensated for the financial loss caused by the death and, in some cases, for the loss of emotional support and companionship. At Laurence A. Silverman, Esq., our Long Island personal injury attorneys take immediate action to petition a Surrogate Court for the appointment of an Estate Administrator so that the claim for compensation can be brought on behalf of the estate. Strict time limits apply to these types of claims. To protect your family's future, It is important to retain legal counsel immediately.

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At Laurence A. Silverman, Esq., we are well aware of the emotional situation with which you are dealing. Losing a loved one is difficult enough, but when it comes at the hand of a negligent individual – and is often preventable – things can seem that much worse. Our attorneys also understand that taking legal action is probably not high on your list of concerns, but it is important to seek counsel as soon as possible. While we are unable to bring back your loved one, our firm works diligently to obtain justice on their behalf, holding negligent individuals accountable for their actions.

Our legal team has over 40 years of combined experience and we have seen numerous cases involving the wrongful death of an accident victim. We handle these cases with the care, compassion, and respect that they deserve. When you need effective legal counsel, you can count on us.

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