Broken Bones

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In car crashes and other serious accidents, broken bones are some of the most common injuries victims suffer. These can range from minor fractures to serious breaks, but all require extensive medical care and a lengthy healing process. Worse yet, many of these broken bones can affect a victim’s ability to work and participate in activities they love, causing them serious problems for the rest of their life.

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Common Types of Broken Bones

Nearly any bone in your body can be affected in a major accident, although broken bones in the arms, legs, and chest are some of the most common. There are many different types of fractures or breaks, and some of the most common include:

  • Simple fractures – with simple fractures, there is a singular break of the bone. While these can still be extremely serious, they are usually less complex injuries than other fractures.
  • Open fractures – while every type of fracture will be either closed or open, these breaks still warrant a mention. In contrast to closed fractures, open fractures occur when the bone or injury pierces the skin. Victims suffering these injuries are particularly susceptible to infections.
  • Comminuted fractures – when the bone breaks in two or more places, the injury is referred to as a comminuted fracture. These breaks can sometimes be healed through immobilization, but often require major surgery.
  • Impacted fractures – also known as buckled fractures, these injuries occur when one piece of the broken bone impacts with the other, often creating bone fragments. When there is extensive damage, these fractures are notoriously challenging to treat.

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After an accident has left you seriously injured, your mind is typically on recovery – not pursuing legal action. However, the cost of a broken bone can be significant, and you deserve fair compensation for medical bills, lost income, and so much more.

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