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Doctors are only human. They make mistakes just like everybody else. But, in many cases, their mistakes can have disastrous consequences that lead to further medical complications such as brain damage, organ failure, or disease which could have been prevented. You have the right to compensation if you have been injured as the result of your doctor's mistake, even if you like your doctor.

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Don't feel guilty about seeking compensation. Your doctor has insurance protection for just such events. He or she knows that you have a right to compensation when an apology just isn't enough. At Laurence A. Silverman, Esq., our Long Island personal injury attorneys will treat you as if you are our one and only client. You will feel that everyone involved in your case wants to do our very best for you and your family.

Our lawyers have handled medical malpractice cases involving the following:

  • Birth trauma
  • Failure to diagnosis cancer
  • Poor outcome from surgery
  • Improper surgical technique cases
  • Any and all cases where a physician has departed from good and acceptable medical practices

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At Laurence A. Silverman, Esq., our clients are extremely important to us. With over 40 years of combined legal experience and a dedication to client satisfaction, we aim to go above and beyond the call of duty for our clients. As part of our commitment, we make ourselves available 24/7. This is just one of the many ways we ensure our clients are receiving the top-notch, high-quality experience they have come to expect from our team.

While we cannot promise a specific case outcome, we do make certain pledges to our clients, including:

  • We promise to listen while you speak.
  • We promise to patiently explain the legal process to you.
  • We promise to give you straight answers to all your questions.
  • We promise to keep in touch with you regularly.
  • We promise to return your phone calls promptly.
  • We promise to speak with you often about your injury and your treatment.
  • We promise to make sure at all times that you understand what is happening with your case.

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